Name Renown Incorporated
Established March 1, 2004 (Changed name to Renown Incorporated on March 1, 2006)
Headquarters "TFT Building" 3-6-11, Ariake, Koutou-ku, Tokyo, 135-8210 Japan map
Tel. +81 (3) -4521-8110
Capital 18,471 million yen
Representative Yoshiyuki Jinbo, President and Representative Director
Fiscal Year-End 31st of December
Net Sales 63,664 million yen (consolidated net sales for year ended February 2019)
Ordinary Profit -2,579 million yen (consolidated figure for year ended February 2019)
Businesses Planning, production and sale of apparel and sundry items
Directors and Corporate Auditors
Chairman Minoru Kitabatake
President Yoshiyuki Jinbo
Director Kenji Mouri
Director Cui Qiang (from SHANDON RUYI GROUP)
Director Qiu Yafu (from SHANDON RUYI GROUP)
Director Sun Weiying (from SHANDON RUYI GROUP)
Director Qiu Chenran (from SHANDON RUYI GROUP)
Director Wang Yan (from SHANDON RUYI GROUP)
Director Noboru Matsuoka
Director Zhao Zongren
Standing Corporate Auditor Yoshiko Uchida
Corporate Auditor Hirohisa Ryu
Corporate Auditor Takeshi Yoshida